Jim Kandilas, CPA

February 17, 2017

Jim Kandilas is a seasoned veteran and leading innovator in the procurement industry. He founded The Shelby Group in 2002 with the aim of disrupting the systems integrator space by differentiating quantifiable business outcomes rather than bill rates.

As CEO of The Shelby Group, Jim plays a key role in setting the strategic direction for the company and helping clients translate their visions for procurement optimization into business results through the careful alignment of procurement strategies, processes and technologies.

Responsible for global oversight of client success, he leads and participates in client executive steering committees and advances client partnerships through continuous education and involvement as an industry thought leader.

Jim has an accounting degree from Northern Illinois University and began his career at Morgan Stanley as a process and systems auditor, focusing on banking and regulatory audits. He expanded his experience in management by consulting for PWC before becoming part of the executive management team at a boutique procurement consultancy.